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Wedding receptions

To date may couples have given us the opportunity to organize this very special day in their lives. The reception can take place at the venue of your choice:  a function room or in your own home.
The  menu and decoration range available is practically unlimited.

Below you can find an example of what is most commonly served at  Polish wedding receptions.


The  traditional welcome of the Bride and Groom with bread and salt

Dinner :
Broth with noodles
Pork chops with hunter’s sauce, served with potatoes and vegetables.
Cheesecake with vanilla and strawberry sauce.

Cold side dishes served after dinner:
Vegetable salad with mayonaise
Greek salad  
A platter of ham and marinades
Poultry jelly
Pork jelly        
Herring rolls in oil   
„Greek style” fish

Warm side dished served to order
Chicken skewers
Sauerkraut stew with meat
Beef steak rolls in gravy
Beetroot soup with a croquette

Sweet buffet:
Wedding cake Royal l
A selection of home made cakes and fruit
Coffee and tea


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