Mówimy po polsku
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May is a special month of the year. We offer to prepare for your child and guests an unforgettable Communion party. Not only will we decorate the tables but in our menu you will find dishes liked by both adults and children. You will find some of them below.

3 course Dinner :
Broccoli cream soup with toasted bread cubes / Tomato soup
Chicken breast with spinach, tomatoes and mozarella served with potatoes and vegetables. / Chicken breast coated in bread crumbs served with potatoes and fresh vegetables
Vanilla ice cream topped with warm forest fruit and cream

Cold side dishes:
Smoked chicken breast and pineapple salad
Tuna salad
Potato salad
Mini- sandwiches/canapes
A decorative hedgehog made of appetisers served on cocktail sticks

Sweet buffet:
Coffee or tea
Colourful fruit jellies
Muffins with cream
Fruit skewers


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